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James Tostevin Training

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Free download of James' "5 pointers to help you overcome procrastination."

Learn the 5 pointers to help you beat procrastination!

Pinnacle Performance Prospecting

An online program that provides an opportunity to share with you my proven, step by step processes for prospecting, what l say, the template l use and the frequency and consistency of calls l make to generate the business that our team does.

James Tostevin Training

So many salespeople and Managers reach a plateau in performance and income. By being exposed to a range of new and different ideas and concepts each person must be willing to have a shift in mindset, adopt change and abandon old and dated concepts. Use the strategies that you feel comfortable with - you might not like every idea put forward but if you are prepared to make some changes to your daily habits you will earn more money for your efforts. Repetition will change bad habits. Work out an ideal day and an ideal working week, prioritise what is an urgent or important task but don’t take on too much because it can dilute your effectiveness.

Take your prospecting to the next level

Ready to elevate your prospecting

It is easy to lower your expectations about your ‘earning capacity’ because you have a comfortable lifestyle.

Why would you do this when you can work the same hours but earn a lot more money and enjoy more ‘quality’ time?

We have the perfect vehicle to achieve anything we want in life. Real estate can provide an outstanding income - the money you earn is unlimited if you are sufficiently organised, reliable, methodical, motivated, disciplined, enthusiastic, focused, energetic and passionate about what you do.

This income can fund your lifestyle but work doesn’t have to dominate your life!

Tom Panos Interview

James Tostevin is Australia's #1 agent

It is easy to be motivated by sales training for a day or a week. It takes the right attitude to implement ideas, act on the suggestions made, improve as a real estate operator and profit as a result. A lot of people aim at nothing and have a high success rate. You must have a plan to achieve great success. Don’t accept things you may have in the past, don’t be distracted, let systems become a habit, adopt daily traits of the best operators and remember you can't have a vague interest in changing your results and career - you must be firm in your resolve, energetic and extremely enthusiastic to ensure you maximise your potential. 

If salespeople/managers keep an open mind about the level of excellence they could achieve and the resultant increase in their income, then the training will have a significant and positive impact on the results of those salespeople/Managers.

Elite Agent

Two ways of prospecting for real estate agents that really work.

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